Drawing on exclusive, in-depth interviews with managers of some of the world's most iconic brands, Tim Halloran shares the arsenol of classic and emerging marketing tools.

“Whether you are starting a new business or working on an established brand, Romancing the Brand reveals many critical steps for  success. Tim Halloran explores the valued secrets to engaging in an ongoing, compassionate relationship with your consumer. Great read, great insight, great book!”
Daymond John, founder, president, and CEO, FUBU, and costar, ABC series Shark Tank

“We live in an era of huge changes in marketing and consumer behavior, but Romancing the Brand is a reminder that passion is timeless. Brands can be successful in the long run by cultivating deep, lasting relationships with customers.”
—Steve Koonin, president, Turner Entertainment Networks

“Nobody knows the business of brands better than Tim Halloran.  His easy-to-grasp ideas get results.”
Fran Tarkenton, Hall of Fame quarterback, and serial small business entrepreneur

“I loved Romancing the Brand.  Tim Halloran shows how the ultimate in brand equity—a close, personal brand relationship—can be created, with detailed behind-the-scenes stories of brands that have pulled it off.”
David Aaker, vice chairman, Prophet; professor emeritus of marketing strategy, Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley; and author, Brand Relevance

 “Romancing the Brand provides a new and compelling lens with which to view the work necessary to keep a brand fresh and exciting. We have been able to apply many of the concepts immediately to strengthen our Popeyes Brand.”
Ralph Bower,  president-U.S., Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

“Romancing the Brand is an entertaining book that taps into a fundamental principle that every marketer should embrace: brands and consumers engage in a relationship. Truly world-class brands are able to grow and evolve a ‘romance,’ and that is when the magic happens.”
Jeff Popkin, president, Vita Coco

“A great book with insightful stories about how marketing managers develop romantic, deep, and personal relationships between the brand and the consumer.”
Jagdish N. Sheth, Charles H. Kellstadt Professor of Marketing, Goizueta Business School, Emory University

 “Romancing the Brand shows that a brand's strength, and ultimately its ability to generate significant talk value, lies in creating a meaningful consumer experience. People talk about—and advocate for—brands with which they have an emotional bond.  Aided by entertaining stories about brands that have created ‘love affairs’ with the consumer, Romancing the Brand is an essential guide for marketers that are looking to strengthen their consumer relationships.”
Ed Keller, CEO, the Keller Fay Group, and coauthor, The Face-to-Face Book and The Influentials

“Emotional, educational, and effective, Romancing the Brand captures the timeless fundamentals of marketing, using contemporary examples and a framework one can relate to in a primal way.  Tim Halloran shares insights that up-and-coming marketers, as well as global executives at the top of their game, will find valuable.”
—Dick Patton, global chief marketing officer practice leader, Egon Zehnder

    Romancing the Brand

As consumers, we don’t just use brands—we engage in a rich, complex, ever-changing relationship with them. Seasoned marketers of the most successful brands know that consumers who feel emotionally connected to a brand stay loyal, resist marketing gimmicks from competitors, and influence others to try the brand they love. How can marketers work to cultivate and grow those consumer relationships that will drive lasting success for their brands?